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Yunnan, Xinhua Minmetals Corp.

Operating chemical products, fertilizers, timber, nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, building materials and hardware of agricultural and sideline products. The main products are: phosphoric acid, phosphorus, phosphate rock and phosphate rock and phosphate, calcium and magnesium, TSP, SSP general, magnesium sulfur fertilizer, ammonium polyphosphate, poly-phosphate, sodium phosphate meeting, the three - Sodium phosphate, DAP, MAP, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, teak, Suanzhi Mu, rosewood, tin, lead, zinc, silicon metal, iron phosphate, ferrosilicon, marble products, garlic, walnuts Hui, and so on. Red phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, calcium and magnesium phosphate fertilizer DAP TSP sulfur magnesium phosphate rock phosphate rock phosphate fertilizer ammonium-phosphate diammonium hydrogen phosphate Ammonium phosphate-potassium dihydrogen phosphate three times SnO2 satisfied sodium phosphate iron teak marble products walnut SSP silicon ferrosilicon metal Monoammonium rosewood garlic Suanzhi Mu

Kunming Spring City Trading Co., Ltd.

Wild fungi: matsutake, Boletus (fresh, salted, dry-chip), Peanut (fruit), walnut, and other agricultural and sideline products, wood Matsutake Boletus edulis dried salted piece of walnut fruit Peanut Peanut

Yunnan silver wave of aging Services Ltd.

Old supplies Sports clothing shoes Hat

Chu-yun Yunnan Trade and Industry Co., Ltd.

Steel, lumber, electrical and mechanical products. Ordinary mechanical and electrical products Carbon steel plate wood

Yunnan Hongxing Electronics Co., Ltd.

TV monitor E-solid-state voltage regulator

Yunnan Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Xinyuan

Chemical products and raw materials, forest products, construction materials, decoration materials, metal materials Pigment plants

Yunnan Institute for Ecological Agriculture

Crop gene inducer (778 induced by 788 agents and inducers). Crop gene inducer

Yunnan Tin Co., Ltd. biological plant protection

Flower seeds and seedlings Orchid seedlings pesticides

Friends of the Kunming Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd.

ZY-6000-planar scanning beam linear smoke automatic fire alarm system Automatic fire alarm system diatom earth pure water treatment Plane agent scanning beam linear smoke automatic fire alarm system modified asphalt pavement dedicated pure diatom earth retention agent in Friends - National Chiao Tung University is a comprehensive enterprise integrated ERP system integration ISO9000 Management System

Yunnan Huaneng Technology Co., Ltd.

Computers and software, automation engineering, mechanical and electrical products, household appliances, cultural goods, sports goods, textile needles, daily necessities, building materials, plumbing equipment, decoration materials, hardware, agricultural and sideline products, food (excluding Including tobacco and alcohol), daily sundries, mineral products, chemical raw materials and products. Daily automated microwave system Sporting goods equipment, computer software plumbing Stationery