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Trader: Yunnan Kunming Nan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
Name: Yunnan Kunming Nan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer

Phosphate, trisodium phosphate, sodium phosphate, and other five

Trisodium phosphate five yellow phosphorus, sodium fluoride sodium tripolyphosphate sodium silicate three sodium hexametaphosphate Disodium phosphate potassium dihydrogen phosphate sodium pyrophosphate iron phosphate phosphorus Rosin

Country: China
Established: 2001
Employees: 6
Inquiry: inquiry@foreintrade.com
Address: Kunming City in Yunnan Province II Huan South Road, No. 266
Zipcode: 650200
Contact: Long hair (Manager)
Telephone: +86-871-3545091
Fax: +86-871-3365754
Email: nd@ynpchem.com
Web site: www.ynpchem.com