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Trader: Xue-qin Guangdong Electronic Trading Co., Ltd.
Name: Xue-qin Guangdong Electronic Trading Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer

Electronics and electrical appliances.

Lengsuo-electric cable accessories the infrared thermometer tape moment puncture energy-saving insulation clamp clamp wedge clamp Ring branch of the generator box

Country: China
Inquiry: inquiry@foreintrade.com
Address: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City Road martyrs Suifeng 75 on the ground floor, Room B08
Zipcode: 510095
Contact: Miss Yu (Manager)
Telephone: +86-20-87323432
Fax: +86-20-87327792
Email: xueqin-electric@163.net
Web site: www.3mxq.cepee.com.cn