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Trader: By Li Bo Town zipper Machinery Co., Ltd.
Name: By Li Bo Town zipper Machinery Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer

Zipper machine.

Semi-automatic machine only under the lace cut back semi-automatic machine-Blastophagus inserted lace machines Semi-automatic machines to cut off the only metal semi-automatic machine with automatic two-tape machine automatic drilling machine inserted shoot semi-automatic machine Semi-automatic box inch fixed addition to the fully automatic machine machine plastic injection molding machine to open the end of invisible zipper on the only semi-automatic machine set-inch metal zipper automatic semi-automatic machine-sik two-plane nylon open only on the end of the first semi-automatic injection machine to cut off the semi-automatic machine to cut off the Cross Semi-automatic machine-back semi-automatic machine box official box semi-automatic machine automatic machine officially set Tomicus plug-inch milling machine to cut off the lace machines Semi-automatic two-on-tape only fully automatic machine fully automatic machine to play semi-automatic machine invisible zipper under the plane only Box semi-automatic machine metal polishing machines zipper metal zipper bake under automatic machine-only machine-inch fixed addition to the automatic gear tooth repair machine-inch fixed addition to the automatic gear only under the plane

Country: China
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Address: Guangzhou, Guangdong cities by cities and towns Li Guang Shanlu auto sections of the city next to the village of Venus
Zipcode: 511300
Contact: Li Zhiqiang (Deputy General Manager)
Telephone: +86-20-82618337
Fax: +86-20-82623483
Email: sales@cn-boli.com
Web site: www.cn-boli.com