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Trader: Ming-Yu, Guangdong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Name: Ming-Yu, Guangdong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer


Bellows sealed valve cut-off valve sealing fill valve soft balance valve butterfly valve seal ball on the folder-type check valve flange valve filter Separator valve off three two-valve air-conditioning valve with electric valve actuator pneumatic pressure relief valve electric actuator electric smart electric Locator locator electronic locator safety valve float trap heat trap heat power Static double trap metal detector trap trap to break the vacuum exhaust valve drainage valve automatic temperature limit valve convergence of condensed water vapor-separator condensate recovery pumps over Re Zhengqi Desuperheater vortex flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter reducer modular In addition to the taste of biological systems in addition to taste-gas cleaning system packet interface with pulse valve stainless steel screw thread valve Mentou pulse interface to connect a square pulse gas valve bag submerged pulse-round air bag-valve-submerged pulse valve flange Mentou electromagnetic valve explosion-proof type Electromagnetic valve control valve to control the electromagnetic valve assembly explosion-proof box to control electromagnetic valve block Zhuanghe pressure air gun displays timing controller pressure controller intelligent controller dust filter bag dust collector broken bag alarm monitoring software

Country: China
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Zipcode: 510400
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