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Trader: New life in Yunnan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Name: New life in Yunnan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer

Chinese and Western medicine, Chinese herbal medicines, medical equipment, building materials, decorative materials, metal materials, Wujinjiaodian, machinery and electronic products, communications equipment, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, office cultural goods, sporting goods, computers .

Chinese medicines communications equipment Stationery Office sporting goods computer marijuana wolfberry ginseng-day winter winter western medicine Cordyceps on March 7 licorice Medical Devices

Country: China
Established: 1999
Employees: 78
Inquiry: inquiry@foreintrade.com
Address: Yunnan Kunming Xishan Qu Yuan-chang Road 21
Zipcode: 650106
Contact: Zheng Qi (General Manager)
Telephone: +86-871-8217746
Fax: +86-871-8217485
Email: service@ynxsm.cn
Web site: www.ynxsm.cn