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Trader: Kunming Fen kindness spices Ltd.
Name: Kunming Fen kindness spices Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer

Natural aromatic oils, aromatic chemicals, edible powder, emulsion, water quality, oil-based fragrance line, tobacco flavor series.

-dihydro jasmonate methyl ketone is Octanal expansion of the tobacco flavor Terrier feed material filament essence book on-chip features an integrated feed flavor fruity flavor characteristics of the essence of fermentation characteristics of the sweet flavor essence Feng Hong maple flavor baked herb flavor essence Shannon tobacco flavor essence Angelica Extract Oil Iris Baptist benzoin A twelve-cream-formaldehyde-Malaysia-based E-Citronellal cyclopentanone butyrate Hong dihydro-505 Georgian agents will be Hong Peng-183-D 12-bit lactone aldehyde oxidation rose 11 2,2,5 - the top three --5 - E-cyclopentanone ketene Malaysia-Malaysia-B (food grade) 15 lactone ring Flue-Cured Tobacco muscone essence cineole oil Geranium hybrid essence citronella oil tree moss extract tree moss Oil seafood Flavor ambergris ether-a-E cinnamaldehyde B-Malaysia-methylene-indica Central Citronellol has been a bit cinnamaldehyde-isobutyl 1,3 - dimethyl -3 - jasmine lactone 2-butene, 2 - dimethyl -3 - (3 - methyl-2 ,4 - E-diene) - ethylene oxide is nonanal Jiao tobacco flavor vegetables taste flavors and fragrances category strawberry sauce-type flavor essence of fruit flavor essence cyclopentyl fork Haba acetate-lactone furanone nut brown flavor essence liquor salty flavor of meat flavor essence 2,5,5 - three red--2 - eight hydrogen-naphthalene citrus flavor

Country: China
Established: 1999
Employees: 30
Inquiry: inquiry@foreintrade.com
Address: Kinmen and Matsu temple in the eastern suburbs of Kunming, Yunnan Province, Mr Kwok Ka-Au
Zipcode: 650216
Contact: Mr. Guo (Manager)
Telephone: +86-871-3808286
Fax: +86-871-3812076
Email: N/A
Web site: N/A