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Trader: Kunming Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Name: Kunming Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer


High-speed wire rod hot-rolled steel rib in the round steel plate & P line of thin hot-rolled carbon steel plate of pig iron

Country: China
Established: 1939
Employees: 32767
Inquiry: inquiry@foreintrade.com
Address: Peace in the city of Kunming in Yunnan Kunming Iron and Steel Hospital
Zipcode: 650302
Contact: Hao Shu East (General Manager)
Telephone: +86-871-8602783
Fax: +86-871-8603459
Email: webmaster@ynkg.com
Web site: www.ynkg.com